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Childhood Food Solutions of Cincinnati

Problem definition: Hunger most often occurs on late-month non-school days.

Solution: Put food into the hands of elementary-age children to take home right before the (about) 96 late-month, non-school days per year – these children become our couriers into neighborhoods with little food, few cars and limited job skills.

Success Indicators: (1) Double-digit improvement in both reading and math proficiency and (2) Double-digit improvement in preterm and low-weight birth rates.

Impact: The improvement in preterm and low-weight birth rates are expected to run at 500% more than the cost of food – this has the potential to make this “emergency” food intervention sustainable by government funding.

Primary Contact: Tony Fairhead
Web Site: www.kidsfed.org
Contact Email: tony@childhoodfoodsolutions.org
City: Cincinnati
Year Established: 2007
Scope of your HFC coalition
Type of Community:
Coordinated Activities:
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Community Plan:
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