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The following links represent some ideas that may prove helpful in funding your Hunger Free Community efforts. Please be aware that the links to these resources are being provided solely to help your coalition get started and find information on various funding sources. The Alliance to End Hunger and Hunger Free Communities Network cannot guarantee funding from any of these sources, nor do we directly provide or administer grants to Hunger Free Community coalitions. Our goal is to help coalitions learn about sources of funding and other resources in order to increase their capacity to serve hungry people in their communities.


  •—This website houses the system used for most Federal Government grants. Using, organizations can electronically find and apply for more than $400 billion in grant funding.
  • Social Innovation Fund–The Social Innovation Fund is an initiative enacted under the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act. In 2010, the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) awarded Social Innovation Fund grants to 11 organizations with strong track records of successfully identifying and growing high-performing nonprofits. These grantees are now selecting the specific community organizations (subgrantees) they will support to generate real impact for people throughout the U.S. There are multiple ways for Hunger Free Community coalitions to participate in Social Innovation Fund.
  • Leveraging Partnerships for Outreach for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Leveraging Partnerships to Fund Eligibility/Benefits Workers
  • These papers outline a strategy for States to fund SNAP outreach activities and eligibility workers without using State funds by leveraging the resources of community organizations and for community organizations to obtain reimbursement for their SNAP outreach activities. This approach can help provide food to needy families, offer relief to overburdened social services offices, and stimulate the local and state economy.


  • The Foundation Center maintains links to more than 4,800 grantmaker Web sites, including private foundations, corporate grantmakers, grantmaking public charities, and community foundations.
  • Walmart Foundation—Walmart has committed $2 billion dollars in cash and in-kind donations over the next five years to help end hunger in America. The foundation has several giving programs to which anti-hunger organizations can apply for funding.
  • ConAgra Foods Foundation—ConAgra has a strong focus on ending childhood hunger in America. They are sponsoring a number of initiatives with national partners around this priority. Each year, the foundation also awards Community Impact Grants to eligible grassroots organizations in selected communities around the country.
  • Land O’Lakes Foundation—Land O’Lakes has made a commitment to fighting rural hunger through its member cooperatives. The foundation matches the donations of member co-ops to projects that fight hunger in local communities.
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